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Payroll is Here!

Easy Time Clock is introducing a new, full-featured payroll system including payroll and tax calculations, direct deposits, and 24/7 online access. From basic payrolls to very complex situations, our staff of payroll professionals is here to take care of all your payroll needs, from answering questions and assuring proper implementation to providing comprehensive payroll processing services, we're here for you!

Payroll Features:
  • Payroll & Tax Calculation
  • Multiple Methods for Online Payroll
  • Cash Requirements
  • Payroll Register
  • Employer Payroll Summary
  • W2's / 1099's
  • Full Tax Filing Services
    • Quarterly/Annual Filings for all Federal, State, and Local Taxes
    • Federal Payroll Tax Deposits (witholding, Social Security, Medicare)
    • State and Federal Unemployment Tax Deposits (SUI/FUTA)
    • State Income Tax Deposits / Local Payroll Tax Deposits

ETC Payroll Pricing
Base Fee $54
Per Run $2 per employee
Additional Options
Paper Check Service Fee TBA
Charge Card Fee TBA
W2's/1099 Services TBA
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