How Automation Will Affect Your Workforce

Businesses need to learn how to run as efficiently as possible. This will give them the edge that they need to thrive. Thanks to the numerous cloud-based services available today, automation is becoming easier than ever for businesses to achieve. When people hear automation, they automatically think that they will be losing their jobs. However, automation has the ability to increase efficiency and make your life a lot easier around the workplace. This will take a look at how automation will impact the workforce today.

The first thing that should be addressed is how automation can make life easier in the workplace. The biggest part of this is how they can reduce the amount of repetitive and mundane tasks that employees have to handle themselves. This ultimately reduces the workload that a person has to handle and allows them to focus on being more creative or other more complicated tasks. For instance, businesses are using kiosks for check-ins at airports or to get simple movie tickets for a showing. Rather than replacing humans, this takes simple tasks and completed them for employees. The staff can now focus on more complicated issues, like customer complaints or answering questions that customers may have.

There are some jobs that automation can’t handle. An HR department can use automation to deal with some of their clerical work, but the HR department is still very necessary for that human connection between the company and their employees. Through certain cloud-based HR programs, the HR department can store information without filling their office with paperwork. Any data is right there at their fingertips. They can handle a lot of the on-boarding tasks through software and can even take their jobs on the go with them so that they never miss a beat.

Automation offers a lot of benefits in the workplace. You will notice an increase in customer satisfaction because they get the quick and efficient process that they want with customer service available when they need it. Automation will improve employee productivity and efficiency, which will help boost your profits. These also all help to bring your products and services to market faster. There are few downsides to implementing automation for your workforce. Automation frees up a lot of your employees’ time so that they can focus on other tasks that will improve your business.

The idea of automation can be daunting for businesses. This is primarily because there are a lot of misconceptions about automation, such as how people will lose their jobs or it is too complicated to implement. By working with your tech department and your employees, you can get everyone on the same page about automation through education. Tell them how automation will improve the workplace for them. This will help you to build support for the new changes and help employees to understand why automation isn’t so scary. Your employees’ time is valuable to your business, making it essential to find ways for you to find automation that makes sense for your business.

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What Great Managers Do Differently

Good managers are those managers who follow the conventional rules and approaches. Great managers on the other hand, are the those who dare to break the conventional rules and go beyond the established norms. There are so many managers who are praised for the excellent job that they do, however, just a tiny portion of them get the title of “the best boss ever” by their employees.  This title in itself is a very big statement which sets the goal for all managers to be seen as the best one by their employees. Below are some guidelines which will help differentiating great managers from the average ones:

The Hiring Process

During the hiring process, good managers will tend to mainly analyze the applicants’ educational background, work experience and test their intelligence. On the other side, great managers have an eye for talent. They would rather hire a talented individual than an overly-qualified individual. In this statement, talent refers to the applicants’ desire to achieve their goals and grow from their daily experiences, their ability to stay motivated and apply theories to real-life situations, to showcase their problem-solving abilities and their ability to show empathy, to persuade, to be attentive and portray emotional intelligence.The hiring procedures involving behavioral interviews and realistic tests of great managers have proven to be more effective and are highly recommended.

Expectations and Outcomes

Great managers assist and advise their employees on how to set their individual aims and objectives which are at the same time parallel to the requirements of the organisation. They help their employees to design a plan to meet expected outcomes and paint an image of how the successful completion of their goals will look like.

They certainly provide individual help but do not constantly pester their employees to get the jobs done. By giving their employees their freedom and trusting them to do the expected tasks, great managers aim at increasing productivity and increasing job satisfaction for their employees.

Emphasis on Employees’ Strengths

Great managers acknowledge that each staff member has their unique set of skills and strengths. They therefore encourage employees to focus on their own strengths, rather than struggling with their weaknesses in order to be more comfortable in their workspace and grow from learning ever more about their individual capabilities. Allowing the employees to do so help them to increase productivity and eliminate the risk of boredom and stress in the workplace. Great managers also provide training for struggling employees and help them be on the same page with their weaknesses.

Right Job for the Right Person

A great manager has the aim of helping each employee to improve their performance by recognizing that this will in turn lead to a boost in the company’s performance. To make this happen, the manager identifies the best possible role for each employee that he hires. He also has to observe his employees and determine what growth signifies for them in order to use this in the best interest of both his staff and his organization. For some employees, growth may signify an increase in the salary, for others it may signify a higher position in the company, etc. This information helps great managers to implement a reward system which will encourage each employee to work harder to achieve their individual goals.

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Our CEO to be a panelist at Geekapalooza!

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Alisha Gardner will be joining the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma and Metro Family Magazine for both Women in STEAM sessions at Geekapalooza (Session 1 – 11 to 11:30 a.m.; Session 2 – 2:15 to 3:15 p.m.)!

With 10 years of real estate experience, Alisha developed her abilities to understand needs and serve people, and she brings this knowledge to Easy Time Clock both in her management style and in developing lasting client relationships. Alisha has a selfless, kind spirit, and she is always the first to step in and help however she can. Alisha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science just before the birth of her son, Hunter; she intended to become a science teacher.

Watch our CEO’s interview with the Local Okie

On the 26th episode of #TheLocalOkie, I spoke with the CEO of Easy Time Clock and LilyPad, Alisha Gardner.We discussed their Easy Time Clock management solutions for employers as well as LilyPad, their all-in-one product for in-home care providers.

Posted by The Local Okie on Friday, June 15, 2018


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Tips on Successful Team Building

Team building is one of the essences of any company’s culture. If employees are not respectful to one another, and if they do not get along well, this can have a negative impact on successful running of any company.  A negative working environment can hamper the overall productivity of a company. Unity is strength!  If employees cannot work together as a team, a company can soon fall apart. Therefore, to promote and encourage team work, it is important to have team building programs in the company.

Here are a few tips on successful team building.

Never take a side 

As a part of human resources, you cannot be biased. You have to be willing to hear both sides, and it is your job to remain a harmonizing influence. Minor disagreements between employees are common in any working environment, and whenever such a situation arises, you have to play the role of a mediator. Try to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone.  The best way to resolve the conflict is to tell the employees to think about the greater goal, and have them meet at the middle with an idea that works for the both of them.

Act as the leader

Do not waste time, establish yourself as a leader right away. You don’t want to be the type of leader that inspires fear and is too stoic. You just want people to know that you’re in charge to solve the issues, that all they have to do is follow you, and they will be alright.

 Choose the right activities

You need to be able to choose the effective team building activities specific to your company. If you are going to talk values and mission statements, remember that they cannot be general. They have to be exact, and the employees should remember that they are all aiming toward one goal. You have to unite them, and make sure that you are actually team building.

Be trustworthy

People want to know that their leader is someone they can trust. Encourage people to communicate and share information. You want all of the employees to talk to each other, so that they can actually work together.

You have to be the one that guides them through that. Remind them that you’re there as a person they can trust, and that they can discuss things openly.

Keep everyone in check

Though the employees in the company understand what their responsibilities are, it is your responsibility to keep everyone in check. One of the best ways to do this is with a time clock app and cloud based attendance.

This ensures that you have everything stored and organized for easy access.  The way that time clock apps work, depending on the specific app you use, is you set it up so people can check in and out of the app, and all the data syncs to the cloud.

You get to track overtime, all clock-ins, and you may even get alerted if somebody doesn’t show up for work or is late.

Easy Time Clock™ is a cloud-based time and attendance system that provides a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable solution allowing employees to clock in and out with a computer, mobile device, or biometric reader.

Your Guide to a Promotion

Many workers aspire to move up in their company’s ranks as time goes on. This is usually associated with additional perks such as a higher title, higher wages, better benefits, and more. If you are looking for ways to increase the chances of you earning a promotion, see this as your guide to a promotion.


Networking is the best method to familiarize yourself with those above you in management. The more you are able to familiarize yourself with those above you and leave a good impression, the more likely they are to choose you when an availability opens.

To accomplish this, be on the search for networking activities. Go to office parties and other work events that already have social expectations attached to them. However, do not limit yourself to these opportunities alone. Lunch breaks or just passing someone in the hallway can be your opening to familiarize someone with your name and face.

Get to Work Early

Punctuality is important for the workplace. In an economy where time is money, taking some more of your time and dedicating it to your workplace can help increase your chances of earning that promotion when the opportunity arises. By getting to work early, you can put yourself in the best state of mind to work efficiently. You are potentially able to get quick, mundane tasks out of the way earlier and be ready to work. Your increased performance will increase your chances of being noticed by management and get promoted.

Dress Up

Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. This saying is the clearest way to express this point. What you wear is a reflection of yourself, so dressing for the career you want gives you an air of professionalism and ambition. It may seem like a small touch, but it can make the difference when the time for promotion comes.

Minimize Weaknesses

Show off your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. Take some time to discover what you do well and what needs improvement. By working to better yourself and your abilities, you make yourself a more well-rounded worker that still has distinguishing strengths that will be noticed by those above you. For example, if your current or desired position requires an amount of public speaking and that is not an area you are comfortable in, putting yourself in situations that allow yourself to improve your weaknesses will help you as a person and employee.

Work to Improve Company Inefficiencies

Think outside the box and look for ways to improve the company. Try to solve problems before and as they arise. By voicing these types of ideas that would benefit the company, you appear as an invested and innovative employee that can continue to improve the company, increasing your odds of being promoted.


Promotions do not come easy; you need to work for it. If you are looking to work to a higher position in your company, utilizing some or all of these strategies is a universal method of increasing your chances of getting promoted. Whether it be coming up with ideas to improve the company, showing up early, or just talking to people, familiarizing yourself with those making these promotional decisions and putting yourself in positions to come across as professional and invested are solid starting points for you to earn that new position.

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The HR Insider Episode 8: HR, Stem, & Geekapalooza!!

Join Easy Time Clock, Metro Family Magazine and the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma at this years Geekapalooza!


June 23rd

9 am to 4 pm (2 sessions)

Oklahoma School of Mathematics and Science

1141 N Lincolon Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK


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