Local Small Business Announces All-In-One Daycare Provider Tool

OKC METRO – Easy Time Clock, a local small business that provides a cloud-based time and attendance system for employees, recently announced on Friday the launch of its newest product package, Lilypad.

Lilypad is an all-in-one product that any in-home care provider or center director can use to run their business while providing live updates to parents. Providers will be able to setup calendar daily sheets, and parent information and documents. Provides are also able send real time data to parents regarding their children. Like its counterpart, Easy Time Clock, Lilypad stores data in a very secure cloud based server. With this site being cloud based, users are able to use any web enabled device to access Lilypad.

“Before my husband and I purchased Easy Time Clock earlier this year, I worked in child care, and I made many friends who have gone on to found their own in-home day cares – our 3-year-old son currently attends one! I’ve been hearing the horror stories of organizational chaos from these friends; some owners I know use as many as five different applications to help keep their businesses running smoothly, and as the owners of a tech company, this pulled on our heartstrings. Additionally, as a mom, there is so much information I wish my provider had the time and resources to provide me while our son is in their care,” said Alisha Allen Gardner, CEO of Easy Time Clock and founder of Lilypad.

Some of the features that comes along with Lilypad are:

  • Child Time Tracking – Parents can log children in by clocking them in or out on a tablet or phone. This way you always have your times for DHS!
  • Parent Communication – Provide parents with a complete online portal that allows them to make payments, check balances, access daily sheets, and more!
  • Online Daily Sheets – Lilypad makes it easy to create and edit daily sheets, which are stored on our servers where you can access them at any time.
  • Billing/Invoice System – Keep track of invoices and payments owed to you. We also offer Credit Card processing for weekly child rates.

Lilypad will be live Monday June 5th. Before the initial launch date, Lilypad is requesting beta testers who get a free 60 day trial. Those interested in being beta testers can email

For more information regarding the launch of Lilypad and its services, you can email Alisha Allen Gardner via email –




On April 27th, Beth and Alisha volunteered with the NW OKC Chamber at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. They were put in charge of running the North side Beer and Drink tent! “For me, the best part of that day was getting to relive my early twenties serving drinks again. But this time, instead of pen and paper, we were able to use a tablet! I like getting to see the variety of people, that was fun!” –Alisha, CEO of Easy Time Clock.

Beth really enjoyed the people watching and peaking at the local art. “My husband is an accomplished and talented artist. It’s hard for me to look at the paintings and not think, my husband could do that! I’m going to go home with all of these ideas and encourage him to be in the next arts fest.” Above all, the two really enjoy working with the NW OKC Chamber.  “Every time we have an event I get to see people I recognize and get to know them more. It’s like getting to work with all your friends!”

Welcome Beth Allen to the ETC Team!

  • What three traits define you?  Passionate, Creative, Dedicated
  • What is your personal philosophy? Choose Kindness
  • What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? Toss-up between Coffee or Wine?  No, really that would be my son and husband. I could NOT live without them!
  • What is the one thing you cannot resist? Target
  • What is your greatest fear? Dying young
  • Which one would you want most – flying cars, robot housekeepers, or moon cities? Tie between flying cars and robot housekeepers
  • Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? San Francisco – It’s the most unique place I’ve ever visited. It’s artsy…It’s whimsical….all the cultures, the restaurants, the scenery, the architecture … I want to go back to explore!
  • How do you define success? Contentment
  • Tell us something that might surprise us about you.  I sing opera
  • What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? Losing my mother at age 19 to Breast Cancer
  • What makes Easy Time Clock such a great place to work? The excitement of a growing company that values relationships with its customers, values its employees, and believes in giving back to the community.  There is no doubt that a lot of hard work happens here but there is a lot of fun and laughter here too!

Ribbon Cutting Day!

The Easy Time Clock Team was thrilled to have a ribbon cutting with the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber! We greatly appreciate all the friends, families, and work partners who came out to support us!

Easy Time Clock Sponsors Teacher Lunch at Angie Debo Elementary

When I heard my step brothers school was in risk of loosing their PTO lunch, I knew Easy Time Clock had to help! I had a great time with Beth serving the teachers a yummy Mexican lunch with custom cookies.  I know how hard the teachers work day in and out teaching our future leaders. I feel providing a lunch to a school staff is the least I can do for these wonderful people.  It is always a nice plus to get to hang out with my little brother. I look forward to next year when my son starts school and I can help out there too! 

Meet the Easy Time Clock Staff!

Before we avail you with our copious time clock knowledge, we ought to introduce ourselves!



Chuck Gardner
Chief Software Engineer – Owner – 

Most mornings, you’d be hard pressed to find Chuck without his full R2-D2 coffee mug in his hand.  Even as a kid, Chuck exhibited a certain predilection toward problem solving and technology.  This curiosity and enthusiasm continue today in his work as the head of Easy Time Clock’s programming team.  Chuck has  various programming certifications – from MCTS and MCITP to Security+ and Server+.  His kindness and patience are attributes that his team admire the most in him. In his spare time, he loves playing video games and nerding out on sci-fi.  Though Chuck might seem quiet, he usually has a witty tidbit to add.


Alisha Allen Gardner
Chief Executive Officer-Owner
The first thing most people notice about Alisha is her energetic and enthusiastic personality.  Alisha is a bright, bubbly go-getter.  With 7 years of real estate experience, Alisha developed her abilities to understand needs and serve people, and she brings this knowledge to Easy Time Clock both in her management style and in developing lasting client relationships.  Alisha has a selfless kind spirit, and she is always the first to step in and help however she can.  Alisha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science just before the birth of the Gardners’ precious son, Hunter; she intended to become a science teacher.  In her free time, Alisha can be found playing with Hunter, organizing something fun with friends, or searching out the nearest ComiCon!
Ellie Wright
Manager of Operations – ETC’s Artist-in-Residence
Ellie Wright describes herself as an artist and a writer, but her team sees her as so much more than that.  Joining Easy Time Clock as a customer service specialist in 2014, Ellie’s leadership abilities and “get things done” attitude got her potential noticed quickly.  In the office, Ellie is veritably a jack of all trades; from organizing volunteering events to editing the website verbiage, Ellie is truly a crucial member of the ETC Team.  Solving puzzles in Portal and sniping psychos in Borderlands helps her relieve some of the stress of being so awesome.  Ellie loves each of her animals – two cats, three birds, and the best of all – a newlywed husband!
Justin Tilley
Software Engineer – Code Monkey
Electronics and programming have always been an interest for Justin, and his affinity lead him to a position with Easy Time Clock. Justin is the newest member of the programming side of the ETC Team, but with his recent acquisition of a bachelors in Computer Science, we welcomed him to the programming team with open arms.  Justin has so copious innovative ideas and a true willingness to help, and this makes him a key addition to our team. In his time outside of work, Justin loves playing video and board games with his friends – a particular favorite is Arkham Horror.  Usually attired in a nerdy t-shirt and an easy smile, Justin is always ready to inject some of his dry humour into any situation.

Vino for Vision 2015


Easy Time Clock was honored to participate as a sponsor this year for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma.  Our team had the pleasure of working at the auction table and donated a Biometric Fingerprint reader with several months of service included!