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With budget concerns on the rise, Easy Time Clock's web-based employee time clock program is #1 in being the best and most cost effective solution in managing their employees’ time at work. Easy Time Clock's automated time and attendance tracking tools will save you hundreds in labor cost and resources spent in tracking your employee's time at work.

Easy Time Clock is an "easy" online employee time clock program that is very affordable.

From any 'authorized' PC computer, Mac, iPhone or Tablet, employees login and register their time punch with just a click of a button.

Our automated online time clock program provides you with instant reporting 24/7 for accurate time and attendance tracking in real-time.

No more manually collecting and calculating your employee's time sheets!

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Companies understand the value of having accurate timekeeping records with strict policies against falsifying time sheets, punching in for absent co-workers, and reporting incorrect time information. Companies using Easy Time Clock program will save hundreds in payroll cost by cutting down on employees who are adding a few minutes to their time sheets here or there, leaving a little early or coming in a little late, or slightly extending their paid breaks.

Tracking and managing staff time at work efficiently can be one of the most difficult tasks for a company to manage. Relying on manual processes or out-of-date electronic systems to track time and attendance can cause errors in collecting and processing time data and can be costly for businesses. Studies show on the average 2.4% of their total payroll each year of undetected overpayments cost companies hundreds each month. Many overages are caused by misreporting hours worked, such as, time estimating or dishonestly padding the time. On the other hand, not detecting underpayments can create legal problems in the future.

Easy Time Clock provides companies with an accurate web-based state-of-the-art automated time and attendance system that includes powerful online time and attendance monitoring and management tools to accurately track employee hours, prevent payroll errors and fraud so staffing resources are allocated more efficiently.

Easy Time Clock can prevent costly errors and eliminate the labor cost associated with manually collecting and processing time data. With Easy Time Clock your HR and managers have valuable tools to helpEasy reports will save you time them with employee scheduling, tracking attendance problems, preventing unauthorized overtime, and other areas saving cost in the payroll budget.

On the average, Easy Time Clock will help companies save on cutting payroll and other costs; such as,
68% improvement in timekeeping accuracy in their time & attendance data recording to include cutting down on employees’ dishonesty.
60% reduced un-necessary overtime as a total percentage of their labor costs
58% increased revenue per employee by boosting overall workforce efficiency
48% decreased their labor costs as a total percentage of their sales

Companies can reduce their payroll cost by 0.4% thus saving an average of $1,600 per employee after implementing Easy Time Clock.

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