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Easy Time Clock About Us

In today’s economy, companies are looking for ways to better manage their resources time to save money in labor costs. Collecting time data can be a costly task without the proper tools. Using today’s secure internet connection, companies can have access to the latest state-of-art shared service, also known as “Cloud Computing”. Easy Time Clock’s web-based time and attendance shared service tools assist employers in collecting time data while monitoring work habits to increase productivity and moral.

Since 2003, Easy Time Clock has been committed in providing companies from all over the world a superior web-base time and attendance management system that will efficiently track and manage your employee's time and attendance at work.

Easy Time Clock has saved companies hundreds of dollars a month eliminating time calculating errors and reporting time totals for quicker, easier and more accurate payroll processing.

Easy Time Clock time and attendance management program is fully loaded with customizable features at a VERY affordable price that will benefit any size company from any industry throughout the world.

About Easy Time Clock

Easy Time Clock LLC is a women owned business located in the beautiful state of Oklahoma and have been in business since 2003. Our company is SWAM Certified and DCAA compliant business to meet labor law requirements. The founder of the company, Wendy Gardner, has been in the payroll management business for 25 years and saw the need for better time and attendance processes. With this in mind, she teamed up with experienced technical and software development staff to create a user friendly time and attendance program that companies can use without costing them and arm and a leg. We want to see you save money.

Payroll processing can be a breeze with the right tools available. At Easy Time Clock we are giving companies the time and attendance tools needed to make their business more productive and efficient when processing payroll.

Our dedicated technical and software engineering staff is MCSE certified with over 27 years experience in programming and computer hardware experience to ensure that your time clock is secure and functioning efficiently.

Protecting your information is our company's priority. We have a team that will help keep your information secure. Our Privacy Policy protects your company's information on a secured server so that no one except for your company's administrator and our assigned staff will have access to your time clock database.

Superior service is our goal and mission statement. Currently, we provide time clock services to thousands of employees clocking in and out each day. Right now we serve a large number of small to large size companies that track time for their employees daily in a wide variety of industries. Our technical staff checks on performance and upgrades time clock programs to provide additional features that will make your time tracking system more efficient. We listen to our customers requests to add new features that will save them time at no additional charge.

To ensure no data is lost, we have hardware redundancy and frequent backup procedures in place. All historical backup data is available upon request if you need to retrieve information that was deleted by one of your staff.

Our testimonial page has a sample of a few of our many satisfied customers. They have given us permission to use them for references.

Community Service and Awareness: Easy Time Clock is a member of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and participates in the Oklahoman Newspapers In Education program at the local schools to promote better education.

Technical Overview


We own our servers and they are in a Network Load Balancing (NLB) configuration for performance and High Availability (HA). With this configuration, employees' clock in activity can be sent to the server with the least amount of load. Then, if one is offline the others will handle all activity. Our servers are high performance Dell servers and have been very reliably for us. In the unlikely event of a complete loss of access, we have a hosted website in Arizona at www.easytimeclock.net. This website allows employees to clock in and out, but does not show their history. The clock punch data is transferred to the main server as soon as possible where the reports can be viewed.

Data Security

We backup the database every couple of minutes so in the unlikely event of a complete loss, we are able to restore from backup with only a loss of a few minutes of the most resent activity. We call this our Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

Physical Security

Our servers are located in a colocation building in Oklahoma City. The building was build specifically for cloud based servers. Here is a list of the important features:
- Large battery powered Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
- Two large diesel generators
- Three Internet Service Providers (ISP)
- Concrete walls to protect from tornados (Oklahoma’s biggest natural disaster threat)
- Onsite guard 24/7
- Access restricted by an authorization list, government ID, and fingerprint

Data Transmission Security

We have an SSL certificate to encrypted the data as it travels back and forth between you and the servers. For the most part, time and attendance data is not of a personal nature where this level of protection is required, but we have it just incase you would like to use it.

Access Audit Trail

Easy Time Clock is DCAA and Affordable Care Act compliant to meet all labor laws, Fair Labor Standards Act and wage and hour compliance, requirements for businesses to keep accurate and complete time records. Easy Time Clock provides a complete audit trail that logs the ip addresses, the individual's login name and action taken on every page that is visited and every change that is made. So if there is a question on who did what, when or if something is changed or deleted, you can track down the source.

Clock in with the website or standalone fingerprint and ID card readers

We have a couple of different ways to clock in. Employees can clock in from our website. Each account can be configured with access limits based on the IP address and other options. You can also use a fingerprint and ID card readers. The standalone fingerprint and ID card readers will sent the clock punches to the website immedialty. But, if you loose the internt at your building, they will store the clock punches and automatically upload them with the internet is restored.