Easy Time Clock About Us

Since 2003, Easy Time Clock has been committed in providing companies from all over the world a superior web-base time and attendance management system that will efficiently track and manage your employee's time and attendance at work.

Chuck Gardner
Chief Software Engineer – Owner – the Big Kahuna

Most mornings, you’d be hard pressed to find Chuck without his full R2-D2 coffee mug in his hand. Even as a kid, Chuck exhibited a certain predilection toward problem solving and technology. This curiosity and enthusiasm continue today in his work as the head of Easy Time Clock’s programming team. Chuck has a veritable litany of various programming certifications – from MCTS and MCITP to Security+ and Server+. His kindness and patience are attributes that his team admire the most in him. In his spare time, he loves playing video games and nerding out on sci-fi. Though Chuck might seem quiet, he usually has a witty tidbit to add.
Alisha Allen-Gardner
Chief Marketing Officer – Owner – Mrs. Kahuna
The first thing most people notice about Alisha is her energetic and enthusiastic personality. Alisha is a bright, bubbly go-getter. With 7 years of real estate experience, Alisha developed her abilities to understand needs and serve people, and she brings this knowledge to Easy Time Clock both in her management style and in developing lasting client relationships. Alisha has a selfless kind spirit, and she is always the first to step in and help however she can. Alisha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science just before the birth of the Gardners’ precious son, Hunter; she intended to become a science teacher. In her free time, Alisha can be found playing with Hunter, organizing something fun with friends, or searching out the nearest ComiCon!
Ellie Wright
Manager of Operations – ETC’s Artist-in-Residence
Ellie Wright describes herself as an artist and a writer, but her team sees her as so much more than that. Joining Easy Time Clock as a customer service specialist in 2014, Ellie’s leadership abilities and “get things done” attitude got her potential noticed quickly. In the office, Ellie is veritably a jack of all trades; from organizing volunteering events to editing the website verbiage, Ellie is truly a crucial member of the ETC Team. Solving puzzles in Portal and sniping psychos in Borderlands helps her relieve some of the stress of being so awesome. Ellie loves each of her animals – two cats, three birds, and the messiest of all, a newlywed husband!
Courtney Clark
Customer Service Specialist – Chatty Cathy
After a long day of providing exemplary customer service, Courtney can’t wait to get home to her newlywed husband, Nick for a comfy evening of Netflix binging on the couch. Courtney is our newest addition to Easy Time Clock’s family with eight years of customer service experience. Her organizational expertise is vital to our team’s success. Courtney was born and raised in Edmond, OK – she’s never even been on an airplane! Serving clients and prepping readers are among her favorite things to do, but outside of work, Courtney is currently working on preparing a nursery for Everett Graham who we expect to meet this summer.
Erin Burke
Director of Sales– Sarcasm Consultant
Joining the Easy Time Clock family with over a decade of sales and service experience, Erin is currently serving as our Director of Sales whose responsibilities include marketing, sales, and billing. Sarcasm, puns, and amateur biography writing are just a few of Erin’s gratuitous gifts that she shares so benevolently with the team. Erin says that being a part of the ETC Team is the most rewarding part of her job. Problem solving and making people smile are Erin’s fortes. In her personal life, Erin loves playing Mario with her husband and cuddling with her two dogs. Between her penchant for Premier Designs jewelry and her proclivity for her book club she rarely has a free moment, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Justin Tilley
Software Engineer – Code Monkey
Electronics and programming have always been an interest for Justin, and his affinity has lead him to a position with Easy Time Clock. Justin is the newest member of the programming side of the ETC Team, but with his recent acquisition of a bachelors in Computer Science, we welcomed him to the programming team with open arms. Justin has so copious innovative ideas and a true willingness to help, and this makes him a key addition to our team. In his time outside of work, Justin loves playing video and board games with his friends – a particular favorite is Arkham Horror. Usually attired in a nerdy t-shirt and an easy smile, Justin is always ready to inject some of his dry humour into any situation.